Musica Viva has a proud and long-running history. For those interested in the origins and background of the club, here are some historical notes.

History - Square Edge

Early Days (1984-1989) In October of 1984 the future of Square Edge for the newly formed Musica Viva appeared secure for the next two years, with a review at five years. Some initial problems in settling into the new environment need to be overcome. In August of 1985 a complaint was made about the lack of chairs and tables to be taken to Square Edge. By October the chandeliers in the Evelyn Rawlins room had been lowered and the lighting was deemed to be satisfactory (although this was subsequently reconsidered).

History - The Pianos

Four Pianos, Three, Two… The merger in 1983 of the Palmerston North Music Club and the Dorian Society provided the new organisation, Musica Viva, with four pianos. The Dorian Society had a Welmar grand and a Welmar upright and the Music Club owned two Welmar uprights. None of these instruments was a first class performing instrument, though the grand became the “first” piano of the new organisation. With one of the uprights being available for duo piano works, the intention of the society was that the other two uprights would be made available for hire within Square Edge by tenants using the available smaller rooms as teaching premises.