Musica Viva is a club in Palmerston North, New Zealand for people who enjoy live performances of music and whose preference is for music of enduring quality. The club warmly welcomes New Members.

Each month, from March to December we have a concert performed by some of our members (with occasional guests) in the Evelyn Rawlins Room at Square Edge. There are non-performing members too, and visitors may attend for a small fee. The concert starts at 7:30 and is usually on the second Monday of each month.

Programme & Conveners 2019

The following are the concert dates and Conveners for the 2019 year.
The first concert of the year (March 11) is free for all visitors.

March  11 (Free for Visitors) John Ramsay - (022) 196 5332
April 8 Graham Doull - (021) 737 226 or 359 3271
May  13 Theme: "New Zealand Music" Christine Archer-Lockwood - (027) 805 7612
June 10 Theme: "Celebrations" Ingrid Vlieg - (021) 321 734
July 1 Theme: "Turning Points" Ruth Trethewey - (021) 656 196 or 358 5824
August 5 Theme: "Ten" Virginia Warbrick - (027) 289 0700
September 9 (Includes AGM) Theme: "Travels" Diana Neild - 357 1457
September 28 (YPS Preliminaries, All Day Saturday) Guy Donaldson - (021) 166 3802 or 357 5932
October 14 (YPS Finale) Guy Donaldson - (021) 166 3802 or 357 5932
November 11 Theme: "Classics" Joe Pape - (021) 066 6063
December 9 Theme: "Heart and Soul" Yvonne & Allan Rae - (021) 031 8281 or 358 3962

All concerts Monday at 7.30pm except for September 28 (which is an all-day event on Saturday).
All events are at Square Edge.
Please contact the relevant Convener if you wish to offer a performance.

Young Performer’s Scholarship 2019

The Musica Viva Young Performer’s Scholarship is a performance competition for local musicians under the age of 25.
Prizes are offered in the categories of Piano, Instrumental, and Vocal.
Entries for 2019 are Now OPEN.

Recent News & Updates

Musica Viva 2018 Photos

Melanie Pinkney, 1st in Piano Category Pictured: Melanie Pinkney (YPS - Piano). Enshean Lin, 1st in Instrumental Category Pictured: Phillip Boniface (Adjudicator - Instrumental), Enshean Lin (YPS - Violin). Robin Park, 1st in Vocal Category Pictured: Timothy Shirriffs (Adjudicator - Vocal), Robin Park (YPS - Vocal). Convenor & Sponsor (Rotary Club) Pictured: Guy Donaldson (Convenor), Martin Townend (Rotary Club Representative).

New MV Web-Site

The Musica Viva site formerly managed by Drupal was hacked twice in 2018, thanks to underlying bugs in the Drupal CMS software that we were using. The site has been completely redeveloped using the Hugo CMS which should be far more secure, as it generates a completely static, read-only site structure with no moving parts and no dynamic content.

Musica Viva performers awarded

Pictured: Ainslee Smithers (YPS), Sai Natarajan (YPS). Mentioned: Morva Croxson (Judge), Diane Dellow (Judge), Sai Natarajan (YPS), Ainslee Smithers (YPS), Ciaran Carroll (YPS), Marian Sun (YPS), Nathan Soong (YPS), Melanie Pinkney (YPS), Esther Dann (YPS). Byline: Richard Mays. Photo: Sarah Pape.